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Successful Online Selling for Food Businesses

When it comes to online food sales are you still waiting to join the party? There’s still plenty of market demand for online direct sales. Sales of food in the UK are set to break through the £21bn barrier by 2022.  The one sector fuelling this growth is the online/direct to consumer market.  By 2022 […]


How to Nail Your Social Media

Social media is more important than it’s ever been for increasing sales, raising company profiles, promoting products and services, and driving traffic to websites. With the rise in home-working and the reduction of face-to-face meetings and networking more businesses are relying on social media to reach out to customers. Knowing what strategy to employ when […]


Mobile vs Desktop in 2021 – why it matters!

The last 12 months has seen a huge rise in the amount of online traffic due to the lockdown and people being furloughed. Online shopping has become the number one pastime for most of us, from groceries to new hobbies, essential items to little treats. We have been seeking new ways to keep connected, informed, […]


Clean up your website for 2021.

The start of a new year is a perfect opportunity to refresh your marketing, and the first place to start is your website. Our handy list will help you clean up your website and reach new customers. Your website is often a customer’s first impression of your business so make sure it’s a good one. […]


Why your website is so important

With more shopping being done online, and Christmas fast approaching, it’s even more important to ensure your website doesn’t let you down. It needs to load quickly, be easy to use and up-to-date. Follow our checklist to get your website on top form (or give us a call if you need help). Load speed The […]


Your Ultimate Christmas Marketing Guide

It’s important to stand out from the crowd with your Christmas marketing. After all, you want people to buy your products instead of your competitors. Don’t leave it too late or you risk losing out on a lot of traffic. Start planning now so you can get organised and hit the ground running. Christmas marketing […]


Organic Search vs PPC

The main difference between organic search and PPC (pay-per-click) is cost. Organic Search and SEO While optimising your business for organic search is free, it is time consuming and if you don’t know what you’re doing it can do more harm than good. There are plenty of training courses you can do, but you need […]


The Importance of Packaging Design

Packaging design is just as important as the brand and product, if your packaging is unappealing or looks cheap it reflects badly on what’s inside. Customers are less likely to trust a brand that doesn’t invest in its packaging. The design of your packaging plays an important part in branding your items for retail. It […]


What makes a great homepage in 2020?

Keep It Simple Stupid When it comes to web design, stick to the KISS principle. A simple, well-laid-out homepage that immediately tells visitors who you are and what you do will work wonders for your business. Before you start thinking about the design or speaking to a designer, work out who your site is aimed […]


Show your website some love!

Does your website make you smile or cry? Have you had customers phoning up saying they couldn’t find what they were looking for when they visited it? When did you last add new content or new images? If you’re less than happy about how your website is performing there are steps you can take to […]