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5 easy ways to keep new customers

How do you keep your precious customers coming back for more? Our ‘5 easy steps’ are solid, proven techniques, and can form the basis of a wider strategy for customer retention.


What sets us apart when building websites

Cheap websites are everywhere. They might be the right choice for you if you’re just dipping your toe into the online world, or have very little budget, but they aren’t futureproof or scalable and could soon become a hindrance rather than a benefit, often costing you more in the long run. Why are the websites […]


6 reasons you need an eCommerce website

With the current rise in online purchases, it’s easy to get left behind if you haven’t embraced eCommerce selling. Setting up an eCommerce website isn’t as scary as you might think, and will help increase sales and bring your products to customers old and new. It’s an important part of your marketing strategy and will […]


Why your business needs a website

Having a website is a great way to grow your business and reach new and existing customers. It is your virtual shop window and often the first interaction a person has with your company. If you have a physical store it is the perfect tool to drive traffic to it, highlighting your products and telling […]


How to Win with UK Shoppers Online

Ecommerce is big business in the UK; even before the lockdown, we were heading for online sales of almost £175bn. Our busy lifestyles and longer working hours mean that more of us are making our purchases online. We are a nation of instant gratification and convenience, so if we can do something the easy way, […]


Essential Marketing Insights

Marketing might seem like something that’s not essential in the current climate, but it’s actually even more important to keep marketing your business. There are so many people who’ve had to put their work-life on hold, and statistics show that while they are at home they are spending more and more time on social media. […]


When Should You Have a Website Refresh

With the increase in online shopping, having an up-to-date website is even more important than it’s ever been. In the first days of the web, it was possible to be successful online with just a basic website that had basic information and contact details. As time has gone on, and the internet has turned into […]


Why you need a video on your website

Video Stats 2018/19 has seen a huge surge in video marketing as life becomes more fast-paced and we demand instant results. Almost all the major companies, and many of the smaller ones too, use video to get their message across. Whether they want to sell a product or service, introduce their team, show you how […]


The 6 worst mistakes people make with their headshots

At Yorkshire Media we see some awful headshots from clients! For some reason people are often reluctant to pay a few pounds for a professional to take their photo, even though it makes such a difference to their company image. To avoid embarrassing anyone, I volunteered to recreate some of the worst mistakes we come […]


The importance of showing passion and enthusiasm in your marketing

Who is going to buy your products or services if you don’t shout about how great they are? We don’t just mean big splashy infographics or headlines, we mean the people behind your business standing forward and showing their passion and enthusiasm for what you do. When we talk to clients we are often bowled […]