End of January Round Up​!

A Busy Week We’ve all been busy this week wrapping things up for the end of the month. Traditionally January is a quiet time for businesses but we’ve been kept busy by customers old and new. Our designer Sophie has been working on a couple of new website designs, one is a local holiday cottage […]

Improve your grammar and spelling!

Grammar and Spelling help! With the increased use of technology, we are in danger of losing our ability to apply correct grammar and spelling to our writing! Autocorrect is so prevalent that we don’t usually have to think about how we write as it’s corrected for us. The art of letter writing has become a […]

Why an SSL is so important!

You may have seen a message on you computer warning you that a website you are trying to view isn’t secure, this is because they don’t have an SSL certificate, it’s incorrectly installed or has expired. In October 2017 the latest Google Chrome update began flagging websites that have a form but that didn’t have […]

My week at Yorkshire Media

This week I did my work experience with Yorkshire Media. I instantly felt very welcomed by the team who are really friendly and easy to get along with. This was very reassuring as it can be a bit unnerving when you don’t know anyone. Throughout the week I have learnt new skills and learnt more […]

My week at Yorkshire Media

This week I have learnt many new skills and developed new ideas about what it’s like to work as part of a media company. I have learnt photography skills from Mark that mainly involved lighting and editing photos which I have found very helpful as these skills will help me in my college work. I […]