School’s Back!

Hands up! Who’s ready for their offspring to go back to school next week? Six weeks is a long time to keep them entertained or to pay for childcare. At least the weather has been generally good, for the UK anyway! Most of you will have taken a holiday, maybe relaxing on a beach somewhere […]

Samsung unveil new S8 and S8+

In the Yorkshire Media office we are drooling over the new Samsung S8 and S8+ that has been unveiled. It is a stylish piece of kit and is full of so much technology that it’ll take you a while to discover it all! To start, it has a 20% more powerful cpu that makes it “speedier […]

So you want to blog!

Everyone seems to be blogging, whether it’s about their travels, beauty secrets, food or animals. You can find blogs on any subject, some are really well written and informative, and some aren’t! Here are some tips if you fancy creating your own blog – • The Title. Make it catchy and self-explanatory. Around 6 words […]

iPod Day!

23rd October is iPod day, which celebrates this piece of technology that changed the way we listen to music forever! In recognition of this, we thought we’d share some facts and figures from its first unveiling in 2001.         2001 – The first generation iPod was released in October of this year. It […]

Global Beatles Day

As you may already know today is global Beatles Day, and we thought what better way to celebrate it than reviewing the progression of their album artwork over the years. Instead of going through every single album (because, we will be here a while) we have chosen to pick out 4 of the most well […]

How to make a great website

Recipe Ingredients • Project manager • Graphic designer • Web developer • Marketing department • Copywriter (optional but highly recommended) • SEO specialist • Photographer (optional, but works better if used) Method • Add project manager, graphic designer and web developer to the client and sit round a table, preferably with tea/coffee and biscuits to […]

What makes a great website?

An eye-catching homepage, that tells the visitor exactly what the website is all about, and is easy to navigate. There’s nothing more frustrating than jumping from page to page looking for information or products, and not finding what you’re looking for. The homepage also needs to be uncluttered, not too much information or adverts. If […]