Google, SSL and your website.

As you may have heard, Google is now going to prioritise websites which use secure connections. Here at Yorkshire Media, we not only offer a full web design service, shoot video production for business as well as helping businesses with online marketing and seo, we take security very seriously. So he’s our thoughts on website […]

Installing Perl Modules using WHM

You may think a developers initiation is mastering arrays, creating a github repo or that awful feeling when you have just taken down a site. All of the above are important moments in a web developers career (wether good or bad!) but in my mind, it comes down to Perl. Perl is a beautiful language […]

Making your site load faster with gzip

Although internet speeds are always on the increase, it is important for web developers not to start cutting corners when it comes to compression and file sizes.

One little trick to utilise it gzip compression, if you have not heard of it, there is a great article which can be found here. In short, gzip compression zips your main files before sending them to the clients browser. The browser will then unzip the content and display it, reducing needed bandwidth by around 60%.

It’s such a great feature because pretty much all browsers support this feature, and those that don’t will not be served the zipped file, so it degrades gracefully…

Slicebox mod: automatically show info

Slicebox is a great slideshow from the guys at codrops.


It uses CSS3, HTML5 and jQuery to create the most stunning effects on a slideshow to date.

However, there are a couple of little details that have been missed, for example, I wanted to automatically display the description of each slide, negating the need for the user to click the info icon.